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Abrar name meaning in English and Urdu

What is Abrar name meaning?

Abrar: This is the word of Arabic
Meaning : Great
Gender: Boy
Religion: Muslim
Lucky Day : Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Number: 3, 5, 8
Lucky Color: Red, Green, Violet
Lucky Stones: Ruby, Diamond
Lucky Metal: Copper, Iron, Bronze
Lucky Flower: Jasmine
Life Pursuit: The thrill of the moment
Passion: To lead  the way for others
Ruling Hour: 7am-9am
Vibration: Enthusiastic
Ruling Planet: Mars, Moon
یہ عربی کا لفظ ہے ابرار
اچھا، نیک و پرہیزگار معنی
لڑکا جنس
مسلمان مذہب
منگل، جمعرات موافق دن
3, 5, 8 موافق نمبر
سرخ، بنفشی، سبز موافق رنگ
روبی، ہیرہ موافق پتھر
تانبا، لوہا، کانسی موافق دھات
چنبیلی موافق پھول
کسی اچھے لمحے کا عزم زندگی کا پیچھا
دوسروں کیلے راستے کی قیادت کرنا شوق
7am-9am حکمرانی گھنٹے
جوش کمپن
مریخ، چاند حکمرانی سیارہ

Abrar is an Arabic and word and its meaning are Great. This is Islamic Boy name. If viewed with its lucky days, lucky number, lucky color, lucky stone, lucky metal and lucky flower then its lucky days are Tuesday and Thursday, its lucky number are 3, 5, 8 its lucky color are Red, Green and Violet, its lucky stone are Ruby and Diamond its lucky metal are Copper, Iron and Bronze and its lucky flower is Jasmine. If viewed with life pursuit and passion then its life pursuit “The Thrill of any good moment” and its passion “To Lead The Way For Others”. And if viewed with ruling hour, vibration and ruling planet then its ruling hour 7am-9am, its vibration is Enthusiastic and ruling planet are Mars and Moon.

ابرار ایک عربی زبان کا لفظ ہے اور اس کا معنی ہے اچھا، نیک، پرہیزگار یہ ایک اسلامی لڑکے کا نام ہے اگر اس کو موافق دن، موافق نمبر، موافق رنگ، موافق پتھر، موافق دھات اور موافق پھول کے حوالے سے دیکھا جاے تو اس کے موافق دن منگل اور جمعرات ہے اس کا موافق نمبر 8 ،5 ،3 ہے اس کے موافق رنگ سرخ، سبز اور بنفشی ہے اس کے موافق پتھر روبی اور ہیرہ ہے  اس کی موافق دھات تانبا، لوہا اور کانسی ہے اور اس کا موافق پھول چنبیلی ہے اگر اس کو زندگی اور شوق کے حوالے سے دیکھا جاے تو اس کی زندگی کا مقصد کسی اچھے لمحے کا عزم ہے اور اس کا شوق دوسروں کے لیے راستے کی قیا دت کرنا ہے اور اگر اس کو حکمرانی گھنٹے، کمپن اور حکمرانی سیارے کے حوالے سے دیکھا جاے تو اس کے حکمرانی گھنٹے 7اےایم-9اےایم اس کی کمپن ہے جوش اور اس کا حکمرانی سیارہ مریخ، چاند ہے

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Explanation About Abrar:

Abrar name meaning is the name of a Muslim boy who is derived from Arabic. According to numerological predictions, Abrar’s lucky numbers are: English meaning English name means virtue (person).

People believe that Tuesdays and Thursdays are auspicious days of happiness, called Lucky Day.

Lucky colors of Abrar name meaning are red, purple and the name of the cloud is famous in our dictionary and has been searched 75757521 times. This is 752,500 times.

Abrar name meaning is Boys Islamic appears in the list of boxes and you can easily search online or be identified with the name “A” in the name section of Muslim boys. In the names section, there are approximately 141,411 children’s names that begin with the letter A. You can also see the name meaning camp, meaning camp in the Muslim camp of the camp.

Personality features

The feeling of analyzing your life is very strong. You are a practical person.
B. You have energetic prospects for the future. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.
A) Are you neutral in this regard or in the future? I can’t decide what to eat! Hatred is an essential part of your life.
The feeling of analyzing your life is very strong. You are a practical person.
A) Are you neutral in this regard or in the future? I can’t decide what to eat! Hatred is an essential part of your life.


Positive Features: Love Freedom Week, energetic, fearless and fearless. They are also adaptable, diverse, social, flexible, exploratory, sensory, adventurous, fast and fun.
Negative functions: On the negative side, seconds can be self-absorbed, unstable, irresponsible, chaotic, and reckless. SS should be aware of unhealthy sexual orientation and the consequences of drug addiction.

  • Number

Positive Capabilities: 8 is a reputable business leader. They emphasize control, but are well balanced. These eight people are physically, successfully and realistically separated.
Negative characteristics: Negative aspects can be disgusting, cruel, sharp or greedy and violent.

Known as Arabic:

If you are looking for the meaning of cute Muslim names with explanations using lucky numbers, days, stones and lucky metal names! Yes, has all these features to give Muslim babies and children unique and contemporary names in Arabic. Good luck finding the name Abrar in a good way.

Is Abrar name meaning for naming children with Islamic names?

Yes, Abrar name meaning is the name of an Islamic boy from Saudi Arabia. Some of the children’s names are mentioned directly in the Holy Quran, but most Muslim names are derived from their Arabic or Persian roots. Ibar is a name that is very beautiful and attractive not only in spelling and writing but also in meaning. Of course, you choose this Arabic to open it as a Muslim as a Muslim name.

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